As a highly subversive black technology product, it is also the world's first 200-horsepower high-performance diesel outboard engine. What are the special innovations in technology? We dissect one by one.


The enhanced design of the high-load gearbox, combined with the exclusive patented belt drive, can provide the entire torque transmission conversion performance without affecting the water flow force. Usually only the built-in engine has this feature.

Main belt

Users can choose the main drive belt assembly according to their needs and driving control methods to change the gear ratio of 1.73: 1 or 2.17: 1. The design is a replaceable independent part.

Self-contained belt drive propulsion unit (S-BPU)

This is a unique innovation that uses the most advanced belt technology to transmit high torque to the propeller, thereby overcoming the weak points of the bevel gear drive that are more easily damaged.


The reinforced design of the gear box can withstand the impact of emergency stop during navigation, and can maintain the same force when operating clockwise and counterclockwise.